Information for Presenters

Oral presentations: Each paper selected as oral has in total 20 minutes time in our program, which should include 5 minutes questions/discussion (and thus 15 minutes for the talk)
Poster presentations: The poster boards can easily accommodate DIN A0 sized posters in portrait format, i.e. approximately 120×90 cm or 47×33 in.


Opening Session


Oral Session I: Advances in Regularisation and Optimisation


Discrete Optimisation for Groupwise Cortical Surface Atlasing, Emma Robinson (Imperial College London), Ben Glocker, Martin Rajchl, Daniel Rueckert


Sparse Kernel Machines for Discontinuous Registration and Nonstationary Regularization, Christoph Jud (University of Basel) Nadia Möri, Philippe C. Cattin


Accurate small deformation exponential approximant to integrate large velocity fields: Application to image registration, Sebastiano Ferraris (University College London),
Marco Lorenzi, Pankaj Daga, Marc Modat, Tom Vercauteren


Fast Deformable Image Registration with Non-Smooth Dual Optimization, Martin Rajchl (Imperial College London, Robarts, Ontario); John S.H Baxter, Wu Qiu, Ali R. Khan, Aaron Fenster, Terry M. Peters, Daniel Rueckert, Jing Yuan


Poster Session I including Coffee Break


Keynote I: Prof Lourdes Agapito, University College London, UK
Non-rigid 2D and 3D registration


Oral Session II: Mosaicing with Temporal Stability


A Combined EM and Visual Tracking Probabilistic Model for Robust Mosaicking: Application to Fetoscopy, Marcel Tella Amo (University College London), Tom Vercauteren, Sebastien Ourselin, Pankaj Daga, François Chadebecq, Stephen Thompson, Dzhoshkun I.
Shakir, George Dwyer, Ruwan Wimalasundera, Jan Deprest, Danail Stoyanov


Reducing Drift in Mosaicing Slit-Lamp Retinal Images, Kristina Prokopetc (Universite d’Auvergne), Adrien Bartoli (ISIT)


Lunch Break



Keynote II: Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon, Microsoft Reseach Cambridge, UK
VarPro, ICP, lifting, and all that


Oral Session III: How to Deal with Missing Data


How to build an average model when samples are variably incomplete? Application to fossil data, Jean Dumoncel (Université de Toulouse), Gérard Subsol, Stanley Durrleman, Jean-Pierre Jessel, Amélie Beaudet, José Braga


Population Shape Collapse in Large Deformation Registration of MR Brain Images, Wei Shao (University of Iowa), Gary Christensen, Oguz Durumeric,Joohyun Song, Hans Johnson, Casey Johnson, Joseph Shaffer, Vincent Magnotta, John Wemmie, Jess Fiedorowicz


Registration of Developmental Image Sequences with Missing Data, Istvan Csapo (UNC Chapel Hill), Yundi Shi, Mar Sanchez, Martin Styner, Marc Niethammer


Poster Session II including Coffee Break


Oral Session IV: Registration for Advanced MRI


Optimal estimation of diffusion in DW-MRI by high-order MRF-based joint deformable registration and diffusion modeling, Evgenios Kornaropoulos (Centrale Supélec, Ecole
Central Paris), Evangelia Zacharaki, Pierre Zerbib, Chieh Lin, Chang Gung, Alain Rahmouni, Nikos Paragios


Total correlation-based groupwise image registration for quantitative MRI, Jean-Marie Guyader (Erasmus MC Rotterdam), Wyke Huizinga, Valerio Fortunati, Dirk H. J. Poot, Matthijs van Kranenburg, Jifke F. Veenland, Margarethus M. Paulides, Wiro Niessen, Stefan Klein


Multimodal Whole Brain Registration: MRI and High Resolution Histology, Maryana Alegro (University of California San Francisco), Edson Amaro-Jr, Burlen Loring, Helmut Heinsen, Eduardo Alho, Lilla Zöllei, Daniela Ushizima, Lea T Grinberg


Closing Remarks



Poster Session I


Image Registration for Placenta Reconstruction, Floris Gaisser, Toshio Chiba, Pieter Jonker

Tissue-Volume Preserving Deformable Image Registration for 4DCT Pulmonary Images, Bowen Zhao,
Joohyun Song, Geoffrey Hugo, Yue Pan, Sarah Gerard, Kaifang Du, Taylor Patton, Joseph Reinhardt, John Bayouth, Gary Christensen

Registering Retinal Vessel Images from Local to Global via Multiscale and Multicycle Features, Haiyong
Zheng, Lin Chang, Tengda Wei, Xinxin Qiu, Ping Lin, Yangfan Wang

The design of SuperElastix – a unifying framework for a wide range of image registration methodologies, Floris Berendsen, Kasper K Marstal, Stefan Klein, Marius Staring

Tumor Growth Estimation via Registration of DCE-MRI Derived Tumor Specific Descriptors, Thais S
Roque, Bartlomiej W Papiez, Veerle Kersemans, Sean Smart, Danny Allen, Michael Chappell, Julia A Schnabel

Graph-Constrained Surface Registration Based on Tutte Embedding, Wei Zeng, Yijun Yang, Muhammad Razib

Poster Session II


Current- and Varifold-Based Registration of Lung Vessel and Airway Trees, Yue Pan, Gary Christensen, Oguz Durumeric, Geoffrey Hugo, Sarah Gerard, Joseph Reinhardt

SimpleElastix: A user-friendly, multi-lingual library for medical image registration, Kasper K Marstal, Floris Berendsen, Marius Staring, Stefan Klein

Effects of Resolution and Registration Algorithm on the Accuracy of EPI vNavs for Real Time Head Motion Correction in MRI, Yingzhuo Zhang, Iman Aganj, André van der Kouwe, Matthew Tisdall

Graph Cuts-Based Registration Revisited: A Novel Approach for Lung Image Registration Using Supervoxels and Image-Guided Filtering, Adam Szmul, Bartlomiej W Papiez, Russell Bates, Andre Hallack, Julia A Schnabel, Vicente Grau

Multi-Atlas based pseudo-CT Synthesis using Multimodal Image Registration and Local Atlas Fusion Strategies, Johanna Degen, Mattias Heinrich

A Fast DRR Generation Scheme for 3D-2D Image Registration Based on the Block Projection Method, Zhiping Mu